Reconnecting Envoy To A New Home Network

Locate Envoy (usually in PV Sub Board or behind meter board)

Method 1 using WPS button

  1. If your new modem has a WPS button hold till it activates the WPS mode
  2. On the Envoy push and hold the top button until the cloud led starts to flash.
  3. This can take a few minutes but if successful the cloud led should stay solid green

Method 2 Using Your Smart Device

  1. Push the top button on the envoy this should light up the mobile phone led (maybe put a picture here)
  2. Go to settings in your smart device then open wifi
    You should see Envoy ###### connect to this record the numbers as this will be your password when accessing
  3. Open your web browser on a smart device
  4. In the URL put in
  5. This opens the envoy interface go to wifi configuration
  6. User name envoy password the 6 digits you recorded
  7. Will be searching for your old network go to more info below your network
  8. Forget this network
  9. View networks
  10. Select your new network
  11. Enter password.
  12. Should be successful and the cloud led on the Envoy should be solid green
  13. Give the envoy a day to upload all the saved data to Enlighten.

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