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Did you know you can install Australian Made Solar Panels with an SMA inverter for the same price as other premium brands? Tindo solar panels are manufactured and designed in Australia for Australian conditions. 25 years Guarantee – The Tindo Karra photovoltaic module is covered by a 25-year performance guarantee for added peace of mind. Get in touch for an Australia Solar Panel Quote Today.

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The Tindo Karra-315W PERC monocrystalline allows Tindo to fit more power into less space for a similar price. The development and testing of these solar panels has been in the making for some time now with help from Australian National University in Canberra

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If you have any questions, or would like to chat to a home Australian solar consultant about your system system installation on the Central Coast, Sydney or Newcastle NSW, please call All Green Environmental Solutions on 1300 112 677

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