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The installation of tilt frames is not considered the best industry practice; in some cases it may be required. More often than not, we would lean away from this method of installation.

Spacing Required

Tilt frames require spacing between each row, so one row of panels doesn’t introduce shadow that can affect the next row of panels behind it. This will also limit the amount of panels you can fit on your roof.

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Reverse Tilting

Side or reverse tilting is not a compliant way of installation of solar panels, and looks unsightly as well. The practice of installation so that the panels are tilted North is an outdated practice, which was utilised when the $0.60 feed in tariff was available about 10 years ago.

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Wind Damage

High winds can catch under the panels when installed with this method, which puts the panels at risk of lifting off the roof of your house and potentially hurting the public or damaging property.

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