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Bill Kalb
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All Green installers arrived on time 3rd Feb 2022. Wayne introduced his team to me with all the guys showing their Covid-19 Vax details. All of Wayne's team were well mannered and professional during the installation, would certainly recommend All Green for Solar Solutions.
Scott Newham
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Happy to recommend All Green. They got back to me quickly to quote, discussed options and were responsive. On the day, they turned up on time, did a very tidy job, used quality products and were easy to deal with throughout.
Dac Lam
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Spoke to Rick initially who went through my requirements and called things as he saw it. Sent a few emails and sms through the Xmas break and decided on the Panels, hybird inverter and battery. I was only after a battery but the whole unit ended up begin less than what I would have gotten for battery alone. Day of install the guys were perfect gentlemen and cleaned up after themselves. Can't be happier with their service and have sent their details to my colleagues and family.
Brian Wilson
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I’m very happy with the service, product and results. I’m rather pedantic and checked outside work and within roof space. My roof is quite challenging & has AC ductwork running everywhere making access difficult. The install was well done with no damage! I’ve just received my first elect bill from AGL and am considering changing from the 5c feed tariff to the 12c. I stayed with the 5c option to keep the 25% payment discount on the energy component of the bill. I went with solar to offset running my pool heater, however running the heatpump overnight on the off peak tariff and feeding back the bulk of solar to the grid appears to be the most cost/energy efficient solution. I also don’t need to worry about getting hit running the heater when the solar is not productive on rainy or very overcast days. I had previously committed to another Solar company (the cheaper ones that advertise on TV). After 10 weeks inactivity and lots of aggravation on the phone, they refunded my deposit. All Green, were a delight to deal with compared to compared the “other” company and completed the job within 3 weeks of initial contact.
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