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Solar Panels

All Green Environmental Solutions install Solar Panels from the Central Coast to Sydney, Newcastle, Maitland and Port Stephens. Talk to a solar expert today and get a cost for your solar including the solar system, detailed proposal and quote.

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Trina Solar Panels

Small in size, bigger on power
  • Up to 440W, 22.0% module eciency with high density interconnect technology
  • Multi-busbar technology for better light trapping, lower series resistance, improved current collection and enhanced reliability
  • Reduce installation cost with higher power bin and eciency
  • Boost performance in warm weather with low temperature coecient and operating temperature
Dual-glass Design, more secure and sustainable
  • Upgraded dual glass of Vertex S, less prone to micro-cracks and scratches on the back during installation
  • Double-glass + innovative non-destructive cutting for improved mechanical resistance and strength
  • Excellent re rating, weather resistance, salt spray, sand dust, ammonia performance which is fully applicable in coastal, high temperature, humidity area and harsh environment
Ultra-low Degradation, longer warranty, higher output
  • First-year degradation 1% and annual degradation at 0.4%
  • Up to 25 years product warranty and 30 years power warranty
Universal solution for residential and C&I rooftops
  • Easy for integration, designed for compatibility with existing mainstream inverters and diverse mounting systems
  • Perfect size and low weight for handling and installation
  • Most valuable solution on low load capacity rooftops (weight similar to backsheet version)
  • Mechanical performance up to 5400 Pa positive load and 4000 Pa negative load

Sleek, easy to install and big on power.

The upgraded Vertex S+ offers excellent product performance and innovative and design-inspired aesthetics.
Electrical parameters:
Open circuit voltage (Voc): up to 52.9V
Short circuit current (Isc): up to 10.74A
Mechanical parameters:
Dimensions: 1762×1134×30 mm
Weight: 21.0kg

An incredible 30-year power warranty.

Dual-glass and n-type i-TOPCon technology allow us to offer an industry-leading 30-year power warranty and up to 25-year product warranty.

SunPower Solar Solutions

All Green Environmental Solutions now supplies SunPower Solar Solutions to Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW. Considered the best panel in the world, backed by a 25-year warranty from US-owned, publicly listed companies.

SunPower AC modules combine industry-leading solar panel technology with advanced microinverter technology from Enphase to maximise your roof’s potential. The result? Greater reliability over your system’s lifetime, with superior output in real-world conditions—not to mention the enhanced curb appeal that comes with a simpler, cleaner system design.  

Interested in learning more about SunPower? Talk to one of our solar experts for a quote today.

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Maximise your savings and minimise your headaches with the leading performance, reliability and durability of SunPower solar technology. As your energy needs evolve, your SunPower AC energy solution offers the flexibility to increase the amount of electricity it delivers to your home. Additional panels can be added without reconfiguring system cabling or hardware, easily expanding to accommodate EV charging, AC storage, or the electrification of home appliances to name a few. 

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Q Cell Solar Panels

Get more power and safety for your Q.ANTUM SOLAR MODULE. The new high-performance module.  Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.2 is the ideal solution for commercial and utility applications thanks to a combination of its innovative cell technology Q.ANTUM and cutting edge cell interconnection.

Q CELLS’ uncompromising quality and reliability is maintained and validated by a number of rigorous tests. We run our own VDE-certified testing laboratory at the largest technology and module test center in the industry. 

Want a quote on Solar Panels, advice on Solar Finance or just have a question?

The best way of making sure you get the right solar panels for you at the best price is to get a quote from a solar installer with experience in your area. Talk to All Green Environmental Solutions today.

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