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All Green offers a range of finance products with competitive rates.
These recommendations come based on quality of service and customer feedback.

We understand that for any business, cash flow is critical, so we have developed a financing solution that is built around the Solar PV System installed to minimise grid power usage during the day. By utilising the money saved on power generated by the solar system and the tax deductions available, you can be paying off an asset and reducing your power bills with minimal to no additional outlays. In a short time, you can own the system outright and enjoy free electricity from the sun without the possibility of the price going up. Finance is through Rate Setter and All Green Environmental Solutions is a Partner and can offer and submit applications on the customer’s behalf.


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Solar Power for the Environment

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity; an increase in technology has resulted in increased capabilities of Solar Power, resulting in a healthier planet.

Statistics show that the use of Solar Panels has the potential to not only reduce your environmental footprint but can also decrease your electricity bill each month. Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources that are available in today’s society. Unlike many other energy sources, solar energy does not require any water to produce power; this reduces your personal and household carbon footprint significantly in comparison to other alternative energy sources.

Three significant benefits of solar power on the environment are:

Solar Energy

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Reduction of Air Pollution

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Reduction of Water pollution

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Reduction of need for finite resources

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Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre

All Green installed a 10kw solar system for the Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre

Australian Marine Conservation Society

Donating and supporting the Australian Marine Conservation Society, All Green Environmental Solutions is looking to become a major sponsor.

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