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Solar Pool Heating

We provide options for solar heating your pool, including inverter heat pumps, pool and spa automation and solar-powered pool heaters that are 100% eco-friendly.

If installed and used correctly, solar heating a pool may well be the best way to go for the family to extend the swimming season and save on energy bills.
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Pool Solar Products

Inverter Heat Pumps

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Smart Inverter Heat Pump Technology – the ONLY full variable speed heat pump Inverter technology is new to the swimming pool industry in Australia, although it has been used in the air conditioning industry for many years.

Heating a pool electrically doesn’t have to be expensive with our Full-Inverter technology. The compressor and fan motor adjust the speed until the desired temperature is reached.

By this process, the temperature of the pool is efficiently maintained.

Our Full-Inverter heat pumps are 25% more efficient than the standard inverter heat pumps and 50% more efficient than an on/off heat pump.


2d8f4784 viron xt - Solar Pool HeatingViron XT Variable Speed Pool Pump

Light on Energy with powerful performance saving you up to 85% in energy consumption compared to
the conventional single speed pump.

Astral Viron XT Pool Pump 227×300 – Solar Pool Heating Australian Made and built to withstand the harshest conditions, its quieter operation and efficient running costs make it a winner for any pool owner.




Astral Viron XT Pool Pump 227x300 - Solar Pool Heating

Pool and Spa Automation

Viron Connect 10

An advanced LCD touch screen interface enables the whole family to use the pool and spa, whenever and however. The optional internet gateway allows you to download the Connect My Pool App for Apple or Android devices and allows you to control your pool from anywhere in the house, or around the world.

The Viron Connect comes ready for all pool and spa applications. Delivering 10 equipment outlets, 4 motorised valve outlets, full external heater control, sanitiser output adjustment, inbuilt solar automation and 2 input/output options for home automation the Viron Connect provides a control solution for the very simple to the most demanding of backyard pool applications.



f72e50ee pool covers - Solar Pool HeatingAustralian Made Pool Covers

Australia’s warm climate, although perfect for fun in the sun can cause an uncovered domestic pool to lose up to 55,000 litres annually through evaporation, an unnecessary waste of a resource already in short supply. When water evaporates, as do expensive pool chemicals and salts, losses which are costly, but thankfully easily avoided.

A properly fitted Pool Cover can prevent up to 97% of evaporation equating to thousands of litres of water and hundreds of dollars worth of salts and chemicals depending on the size of your pool. Our covers also reduce Heat Loss in Heated Pools, saving on costly power bills.



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Australian Made Pool Heating By ECOSUN

Using clean, renewable solar power for in-ground and above ground pool heating enables you to extend your swim season, make the most of your investment in a pool, and increase the value of your home efficiently, cost-effectively, and with minimal environmental impact! Solar swimming pool heaters operating costs are negligible since energy from the sun is FREE.

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Solar powered pool heaters are also 100% eco-friendly. And because a solar system has few moving parts, it is virtually maintenance-free. All you need to do is set the temperature, and enjoy warm water for many more months out of the year without worrying about your energy bill, or damage to the environment.

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