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Inverter Heat Pumps

Enjoy energy-efficient, comfortable and quiet year-round swimming with an NCS Premier Series Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Have you been thinking about heating your pool for a while but worried about the cost? Extend your summer, add value to your home and save up to 50% on your pool heating costs with an energy-efficient and cost-effective inverter heat pump system.

You cannot always count on the sun to be out and cooler weather can be a dampener on your pool fun. The cost of heating your pool may seem scary, but it doesn’t need to be. With an inverter heat pump, you can have poolside fun all year round and save money on pool heating expenses. Have an efficiently heated pool will also add value to your home.

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NCS Premier Series Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

How It Works

Pool heat pumps work by increasing the water temperature using outside air. The warm air is taken directly from the atmosphere and transferred into your pool. This unique design means you get consistently temperate water regardless of the weather. Inverter heat pumps work to heat your pool water more efficiently and cost-effectively over solar heaters too. The technology behind the new inverter heat pump now means heating your pool doesn’t have to be expensive and you can save energy and money while keeping your pool comfortable all year through.

Efficient technology

Standard heating pumps will run using a single speed at maximum capacity, rather than reducing the load once the desired temperature is reached. This causes standard pumps to waste energy which causes your energy bills to increase.

When you use an inverter heat pump, the heating capacity can be adjusted depending on the pool water temperature.

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Design you can count on

Inverter technology is nothing new and has been successfully used in the air conditioning industry for years. It may be new to the pool industry, but inverter technology has a solid reputation you can count on. These new pool heat pumps are efficient, noise-free and will save you money. To top it off, they are made with only the best quality components to guarantee the perfect outdoor pool any time of year.
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