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Fix the roof hooks to the rafter using two 6 x 80mm wood screws. Use ONLY stainless steel sockets (using normal steel socket can result surface rust on the wood screw)

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The roof hook must not press against the roof tile. If necessary, shim the roof hook with wood.

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If necessary, use an angle grinder or hammer to cut a recess in the tile that covers the roof hook at the point where the roof hook comes through so that the tile lies flat on the surface. If grooved tiles are used, it will also be necessary to cut a recess in the lower tile. For high profile (Spanish) tiles a Roof Hook Extender can be used.

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In case you need to install on corrugated tin roof cladding the Tin Interface (L-Feet) is to be used. Drill through the roof cladding at the planned location and use the supplied wood screws to fix the L-Feet to the wooden purlin. If you need to fix to metal purlin please use suitable metal screws (14TPI or Buildex® RoofZips®) with the same 6mm diameter.

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Place the supplied EPDM rubber under the L-Feet in the way that the screw goes through the hole in the EPDM rubber pad. When fastening the screw make it sure that you don’t deform the corrugation of the roof cladding. This can happen if you penetrate too deep with the screw when fastening.

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