5 Benefits of Using Solar Energy to Power Your Commercial Building

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So what are the benefits of using solar energy to power your commercial building? First, of course, we all know that it saves you money on your electric bill, but that’s only the beginning. It also increases your property value and can earn you a tax credit. Plus, it can help you keep the lights […]

10 Crucial Tips To Choosing An Australian Solar Panel Installer

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Home solar is now slowly becoming the norm, with many Australian families and businesses deciding to make the switch. However, it is vital for those deciding to make this switch to choose the right solar panels and solar panel installer who can offer the best after-sales support and maintenance. We have put together a list […]

Solar System Case Study

Dear Finn I began the process of learning about solar energy about two years ago with your excellent website and it’s accompanying a very comprehensive book. I found your information uncomplicated, complete and usable.