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Solar panels are a great investment for a home or business, reducing energy costs long term and offsetting the use of power from the grid whilst reducing greenhouse gas emission. When you combine the solar panels with a battery backup, your home or business can run off the solar energy you have stored in the event of a power outage. It’s important to be aware that without a battery as part of your solar system, you will not have power during a power outage.

Solar Panels for Supplying the Home or Business During the Day

Your solar system has a constant connection to the electrical provider’s network, meaning when the network is operating as normal and providing energy to its customers, you are able to take electricity from it during the time of low solar energy production (i.e. night-time, overcast/cloudy days). This can also work in reverse, effectively pushing excess solar production into the network if net metering is available.

During an electrical outage, your solar battery system operates as a substitute for the electrical network supply. This means you can push your excess solar energy to charge your solar batteries and vice versa, can pull energy from the battery to power your critical loads periods. Simply put, your home or business can operate independently to the electrical network.

Batteries for Storage and Night-Time Use

The main benefits of having a solar panel + battery storage system means you can configure your system to work best for your needs, minimising costs and usage at the most expensive rates and times. By storing electricity that’s generated from your solar panels during the day, you can utilise this energy during the evening at peak periods which will substantially lower your electricity bill. This is compared to just having solar panels only, where the electricity is only available to you when they are absorbing the energy from the sun.

Generators for Added Reliability

Generators in conjunction with your off grid solar and battery system can fulfill three main objectives:

  • Provide backup charging, essentially providing energy in any weather conditions;
  • Assist with battery equalising. Some batteries require a planned overcharge on several occasions throughout the year for peak performance and longevity;
  • Supplementing loads that exceed the capacity of the inverter (i.e. water pumps).

For network connected systems, having a generator may result in decreasing the size of your battery bank. This means you don’t require as many batteries for storage in the event of a blackout or major disruption to the connected supply, as the generator can be used to top up the storage of electricity as needed.

Generators can add some complexity to the solar system, meaning that it may need regular maintenance and the life span of the generator could be less than that of the solar system itself.

Combining a generator with your solar array will provide increased capacity and flexibility to the system, potentially allowing you to reduce the size of your battery bank as the generator can offset the disparity when there is limited solar production. Additionally, adding a generator can provide back-up power while maximising your solar production.

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