• The Royal Hotel Singleton

    The Royal Hotel Singleton now has this 250 panel installation with Enphase Micro Inverters.

    Enphase technology overcomes the complicated roof space on this site where there are multiple angles and shade to deal with. Because each module works individually the impact of shade and the roof facets is minimised allowing for maximum output from each unit.

    If there is ever any storm damage it would be isolated to the affected modules allowing the rest of the system to keep working therefore the risk of system downtime or failure is minimised. If a panel were to fail it would affect less than 0.5% of the system and it would notify the customer and All Green.

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  • Flat Roof 10KW Enphase system

    Install of the week goes to this Flat Roof 10KW Enphase system on the coast.

    Flat roof installs generate a little less in winter but have a higher overall annual output. They look much better and allow more panels because they do not need to be
    spaced apart to avoid shading. Using tilt frames is somewhat dated and is no longer considered best industry practice, so where it can be avoided and particularly in high wind areas, we would advise against tilting.

    Installing up and down the coast, we have a lot of experience with beach, lake and harbour side installs. All our products and mounting equipment is rated for coastal environments.

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