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5 Benefits of Using Solar Energy to Power Your Commercial Building

So what are the benefits of using solar energy to power your commercial building? First, of course, we all know that it saves you money on your electric bill, but that’s only the beginning.

It also increases your property value and can earn you a tax credit. Plus, it can help you keep the lights on while the rest of your city’s going dim due to power outages. And your clients and business partners, and/or employees will be very pleased to hear that you’re doing your part to help the environment.

However, as amazing as these points are, there’s still a lot more to say about the benefits of adding sustainable energy to your commercial building. Find out more below…

1. A Great Return on Investment

First, let’s talk about all the financial benefits of commercial solar power. As you probably know, it greatly reduces your operating costs, saving you up to 80% off of your energy bills.

Another part of this is that your solar panels can store energy in batteries. So, the energy you store while you’re closed for the weekend will still help you save throughout the week. Due to these factors, your solar panels will pay for themselves in no time.

Also, consider that you might not be using this building forever and that solarizing your commercial building increases its value. If you ever sell the building, you’ll get a higher price for it if solar panels are installed.

2. Get a Tax Credit

The Australian government is also willing to reimburse you for making the switch to sustainable energy. For instance, Victorian small businesses can get up to $3,500 back for installing qualifying solar energy systems.

This is only one of many possible tax rebates you can get. Speak to whoever does your taxes to learn what the best option is for you.

3. Safeguard Against Unexpected Energy Bill Increases

It’s unlikely that your solar energy system will provide all of the power your business needs. So you’ll still need to rely somewhat on your electric company.

Still, it means that the electric company only provides a fraction of the energy you use. This significantly reduces the shock of a large rate increase in your energy bill. Thus, your monthly energy costs won’t fluctuate so much, making it easier to control your business’s finances.

4. Safeguard Against Brownouts

Also, the energy stored in your solar batteries can help greatly during an energy shortage, much like using a generator. This energy might not be sufficient during a full blackout. But it should be able to keep the lights on during a brownout.

Besides, going solar means that you’re putting less strain on the energy company’s resources at all times. This reduces the occurrence of brownouts, anyway.

5. An Eco-Friendly Brand Image

As mentioned, going solar helps your community by reducing the strain on energy resources. Thus, switching to a sustainable energy source like solar power is sure to earn you a positive, eco-friendly brand image.

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